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Conference Course Offerings

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Barbara Burlingame

AACE President

City of Norman, OK

Kelvin Beene

Standards and Codes Academy

Code Performance Consultants

Marcus Kellum

Standards and Codes Academy


Greg Smith

Standards and Codes Academy

GMS Presentations

Bryan Wagner

AACE 2nd Vice-President

City of Westerville, OH

Liz Krzyminski

AACE Secretary

City of Seattle, WA

Kerry Simpson

AACE Sergeant At Arms

City of McKinney, TX

Mitch Hammes

Neighborhood Services Manager

City of Colorado Springs, CO

Jose Roig

Director of Code Enforcement

City of Austin, TX

Ceci Muela

Standards and Codes Academy

Monarch Residential

Tana Bryant

AACE Education Director

City of Anniston, AL

Karen Courtney

AACE Treasurer

City of Laurel, MT

Vonnie Linnell

AACE 1st Vice-President

City of Minneapolis, MN

Yvonne Shaw

Code Enforcement Manager

City of Sandy Springs, GA

Wednesday, October 20th

Making Yourself Essential

Making Yourself Essential Parts 1 & 2.  Being indispensable is dangerous, therefore, this course redefines the need to elevate code enforcement officers as essential workers within our municipalities. Discussions and strategies on how to remain essential dominates the focus of this presentation. 

Wednesday, October 20th

Officer Safety

Officer Safety Part 1 & 2:  Code enforcement duties can be stressful.  Encountering a threatening or dangerous situation may occur.  Having a prepared mindset, strong communication skills, and de-escalation training imperative.  Greg will help with the guardian mindset, communication skills situational awareness and other ways to keep us safe. 

Thursday, October 21st

2018 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC)

Crash Course Parts I and II: Buckle up and get ready to sprint through the chapters of the 2018 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC)!  Learn to quickly navigate the IPMC in a fast-paced format. Particular attention will be placed on Chapter One (Scope and Administration) and Chapter Three (General Requirements). Don’t forget to bring your IPMC book to class.  Participation is required! 

Thursday, October 21st

Tracing Ownership

Do absentee landlords drive you crazy?  Do you have one of those cases that you can’t close because there is no responsible party? If so, this is the class for you! Attend this session and learn some basic skip-tracing techniques. You will also get some tips on getting people to work with you once you locate them.

Thursday, October 21st

Photography for Successful Code Enforcement

Observations and notes are a good start, but photos really cement your case…or do they?  This course briefly touches on the technical aspects of photography, but really focuses on how to highlight your observations and make sure the viewer sees and feels the way you did when you were at the property.  We'll also touch on how to organize and present your photographs for judicial proceedings or administrative hearings.

Thursday, October 21st (Management Track)

Evolution of Code Enforcement


This course details the necessity for code enforcement to reach beyond their customary roles within their jurisdictions and expand their duties to better serve their constituents. Code enforcement’s expanded duties also confirms the status as essential employees while managing the difficulties of transitioning from these customary duties and responsibilities.

Thursday, October 21st

Effective and Proper Inspections

While out conducting inspections for code compliance, it is important to follow proper procedures to keep you safe. This class will give an overview of how to prepare for and how to safely approach properties while conducting enforcement inspections from the office to the field.

Thursday, October 21st (Management Track)

Management Roundtable

Manegirial discussion on evaluations, disciplinary actions and managing difficult employees.

Thursday, October 21st

2018 International Zoning Code (IZC)

Course: IZC Crash Course 1 and 2: Buckle up and get ready to sprint through the chapters and learn to quickly navigate the study guides in a fast and unforgettable format. Don’t forget to being your IZC book and Legal Aspects.

Thursday, October 21st

Housing Inspections 101

Housing Inspections 101 Part 1 & 2:  This basic course provides attendees with an overview of the creation and implementation of a rental inspection program within their jurisdiction also how to conduct housing inspections.  The 2018 IPMC code will be referenced.

Thursday, October 21st

Aspects of Mold

Mold has forever been a hot topic with Code Enforcement agencies. We will discuss mold aspects, how to effectively conduct inspections as well as how to write up notices to gain compliance.

Thursday, October 21st (Management Track)

How to Stand Out as a Manager or Supervisor

This course details the collection of key performance measures, engaging with internal and external customers and meeting and exceeding code enforcement prioritized responsibilities to separate you from other managers without using divisive means to create a contentious work environment.

Thursday, October 21st

Rental Licensing/Registration

This class will cover the creation and current usage of rental licensing and registration programs as an enforcement tool. Both Seattle and Minneapolis found that their rental properties were not being managed well and they were not tracking ownership well either. They both decided to try a Rental Licensing program that required inspections to go along with it. This class will discuss the pros and cons of this type of enforcement. 

Thursday, October 21st (Management Track)

How to Excel as a Team Leader, Officer or a Manager

This course discusses strategies for code officers, managers and other employees to excel in the workplace by utilizing a consistent, high output, chronicled workload that details the effectiveness. of the employee. It also details how the power of positivity can influence subordinates as well as your direct report. Mentoring and coaching others shows leadership qualities that assists you in excelling in the workplace.

Friday, October 22nd

Successful Negotiations

Convincing people to do what you want them to do, and making them feel like it was their idea isn't a skill…it's an art.  This presentation will help you recognize the subtle hints that you're making progress in the discussion and help you to tap in to the words, gestures, and emotions that help to bring about voluntary compliance.

Friday, October 22nd

Train the Trainer

Giving a presentation on something implies that you are the expert in the topic so it’s important that you can demonstrate this by determining the demographic of your audience and presenting in a way that they can understand. This course is designed to assist potential regulatory trainers with effective techniques on delivering training material. With a concentration on providing training to regulatory officials, this course will help the potential trainers talk to other subject matter experts about best practices, while maintaining the interest of the attendee. This course will assist with creating presenter style and technique, as well as provide a roadmap and tips for public speaking.

Friday, October 22nd

A Woman’s Perspective: We are Not One of the Guys

This course serves as a woman’s perspective of transitioning from law enforcement to code enforcement and the lessons learned along the way. This presentation will prepare the participant on how to use your gender as an asset. Participants will learn of and share an experience in which they've tapped into a previous career to get today’s work done, how they used their gender "tactically", gained allies outside of Code Enforcement, as well as discuss programs they've embraced to obtain success as a Code Enforcement Professional. 

Friday, October 22nd

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